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With the end of the first year of implementation of Phase IV of the Paris Pact programme (for details see the Programme Document/ Programme Document Summary - English/ Russian/ Farsi), we are pleased to introduce a new feature on ADAM which aims to present all available information in a more intuitively structured way following the themes of the Vienna Declaration.

The Vienna Declaration, the outcome document of the Third Ministerial Conference of the Paris Pact Partners, held in Vienna in February 2012, functions as the road map for the partnership during Phase IV of the Paris Pact programme. In the Vienna Declaration, Paris Pact partners prioritized and endorsed four pillars for future enhanced cooperation:  ADAM

I. strengthening and implementing regional initiatives; 
II. detecting and blocking financial flows linked to illicit traffic in opiates; 
III. preventing the diversion of precursor chemicals used in illicit opiates manufacturing in Afghanistan; 
IV. and reducing drug abuse and dependence through a comprehensive approach

Each of these pillars was attributed a colour and an icon which help to identify pillar-related information across ADAM. Click on any of the four icons below to access meeting information, expert recommendations, technical assistance projects, specific project activities, etc. in support of the respective Vienna Declaration pillar.
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Vienna Declaration - four Pillars for enhanced cooperation

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