German Authorities Seized a Record 700 kg of Heroin in the Port of Hamburg

Source: Paris Pact

Geographical area: Global

Date: 14 September 2022


Officers of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Customs and Police confiscated around 700 kg of heroin from a container in the port of Hamburg, end of August. This is reportedly the largest heroin seizure ever in Germany. Subsequent investigations in Dresden, Hamburg, Chemnitz in Germany, as well as in locations in the Netherlands and Spain, led to the arrest of four persons. This group is suspected of having imported the heroin, which was trafficked along the Balkan route, from the I.R. of Iran with the purpose of further distribution in European illicit drug markets. This record-high heroin seizure reinforces the importance of international and regional collaboration among law enforcement agencies in combating illicit traffic in opiates, which is at the heart of the Pillar I of the Paris Pact Initiative.