15th Paris Pact Policy Consultative Group Meeting, 15-16 November 2021

Source: Paris Pact

Geographical area: Global

Date: 13 October 2021

The 15th Paris Pact Policy Consultative Group Meeting (PCGM) is scheduled to be held in an in-person format with a possibility of a virtual participation, in Vienna, Austria from 15 to 16 November 2021. 
The PCGM will allow partners to discuss and agree upon priorities for action and define the partnership’s agenda for the next year of Phase IV of the Paris Pact Initiative. Paris Pact partners, including relevant programmes of UNODC, will have an opportunity to share information on recent developments within the framework of the Paris Pact from Afghanistan to the neighbouring areas, and beyond. Partners interested in presenting their initiatives in direct support to the four pillars of the Vienna Declaration and/or willing to co-chair a session are welcome to inform the Paris Pact Coordination Unit. 
Participants will be briefed on the outcomes of the last four Expert Working Group (EWG) meetings held in support of the four pillars of the Vienna Declaration, and will be expected to review the resulting meeting outcomes and conclusions.