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What is ADAM?



The brochure on the Paris Pact Initiative and ADAM attempts to provide an overview of the three components of the Paris Pact Initiative (the Consultative Mechanism, the Automated Donor Assistance Mechanism, and the Research and Liaison Officers, formerly known as National Strategic Analysts) as they are represented on ADAM. By guiding the user through the website, the brochure helps him/her to discover the wealth of information available on ADAM.
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The Automated Donor Assistance Mechanism (ADAM) is an internet-based tool for coordinating counter narcotics technical assistance in countries along the main opiates trafficking routes from Afghanistan. ADAM securely and instantly provides partners with essential information on who is doing what, where and when in the field of counter narcotics.

ADAM offers a unique opportunity to provide partners with a real time assessment of assistance needs in Afghanistan and in priority countries along the Afghan opiates trafficking routes. It is a key tool for Paris Pact partners to ensure efficient and effective gathering of information on counter narcotics technical assistance in the region and to avoid duplication of projects and activities. The aim is to facilitate a strategic and synergistic approach in the planning of counter narcotics technical assistance projects, and to thus ensure the most effective use of scarce resources.

ADAM has been developed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) within the framework of the Paris Pact Initiative, a UNODC-led partnership of more than 50 countries and international organizations, that aims to combat Afghan opiates trafficking and consumption. In order to achieve these objectives, the Paris Pact facilitates periodical consultations at the expert and policy level between partners; strengthens data collection and analytical capabilities in the region and through a network of National Strategic Analysts based in Afghanistan, Central Asia, Iran, Pakistan and the Russian Federation promotes the use of ADAM to coordinate technical assistance projects in the region.

During the first half of 2007 and again in 2011, ADAM underwent a number of changes. It has been simplified and is now even more user friendly. It is easier for partners to search for project data and generate individual reports that are organised according to thematic area, geographical region or period. Project data and information from partner countries and organisations can now be transferred into ADAM either manually or electronically through an automated data transfer system. For more information please contact the ADAM Technical Team.